About The Company

The founder of Yarres Logistics, Emre Yetistirici and Serkan Karaca have an experience of over 20 years at the logistics sector and have implemented a lot of challenging worldwide projects for well-known customers of the petrol-, gas-, pharmaceutical- and construction industries. After a profound education, the first successes were reached at renowned logistics- and freight companies, whereby the focus was on the truck transport into the Middle-East. In the next years, lots of projects like- machine transports, special transports and heavy loads – over all traffic routes worldwide came around. It was followed by the specialization on niche countries, the Middle East and special transports.

The passion of the trilingual (German, English, Turkish) entrepreneurs for their profession, made them very fast to a valuable partner for their customers. The logical consequence of the steadily increasing demand was the self-employment in the year 2016. The guideline for their profession stays the awareness: Successful logistics means for the customer above all: Safety. The safety, that the transport will reach the destination intact and at time. The safety of fair rates too. And they need the safety of an environmental friendly business. At last but not least they attach importance to the safety of making business with proper professionals, who are not only surveying the complexity of a project, but also controlling it at all points.