You have to deliver bridge pillars in a region, where no roads are built and the situation is politically sensitive. Welcome to Yarres Logistics. We are used to solve challenges, which others cannot possibly image of, since 2 decades.

The special thing is not to deliver the product properly at the destination, but to compliance all contractual terms and quality standards. Especially at petrol and gas projects, which were big parts of our business in the past, not only planning and experience are indispensable, but also sure instincts in dealing with people and companies. Because of our sensible proceeds, we were able to gain lots of long-term partners, who comply with special conditions and flexibility. This immediately complies with our customers too. If prices, schedules or environmental requirements, at Yarris Logistics we first talk about success, when all parameters of an offer are implemented scheduled and all participants are satisfied.

In the course of the years the special kind of project shipments became our passion. The more demanding and insoluble the project seems, the more attractive is the challenge, which we will solve together with our worldwide partners.

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Our achievements:

Planning and control

Machine transports and plant transports

Truck, train, air- and sea freight

Storage, order picking, consolidation

Customs clearance


Heavy loads and special transports

Special transports

Combined transports

Transport insurance

Necessary formalities